Hey There!

Even though teaching Yoga is my passion and my calling, I still need to get away and recharge sometimes. My favorite way to do that is going on a Retreat. I’ve been in a unique place this week. I’ve been in a deeply spiritual environment with a cocktail hour every night before dinner. I’ve enjoyed Ayurvedic juices before having the most sumptuous of meals. I’ve practiced deep expressions of yoga and then enjoyed the best of the material world.

And, you know what? I couldn’t be enjoying myself more!

This week at Lux Yoga in the south of France with my friends Benjamin and Rebecca has been a wonderful reminder that it’s nice to balance the sincere without being austere. What I mean is, take your practice seriously, without taking yourself too seriously.

The Lux Yoga experience has been invaluable in how I will be curating our trip to the Mayacamas Ranch next March. I hope you will be able to join us!

Carter Twitty
Carter Twitty
My vinyasa classes are firmly set in the traditions of my teacher, Sri Dharma, while incorporating the wonderful discoveries my fellow teachers and students inspire me everyday. The classes are invigorating and challenging for all levels of practice with their focus on breathing through movement, body alignment, and mental purification. My goal is to always provide my students – including you, hopefully – a refreshing way to incorporate the centuries old traditions of yoga into their modern lives.
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