Perfect and Amplify Your Plank

The Plank

A pose in every class.  A pose too often ignored and rushed through.  The plank is an efficient total body training tool.

Correctly applied, the plank trains upper body strength, core conditioning, and proper alignment principles for more advanced movement patterns like the handstand.

I hope this video will help you engage the proper muscles for correct alignment and efficiency of movement so that each time you are in plank is another opportunity for you to total body integrity.

Enjoy, and play safe!

Carter Twitty
Carter Twitty
My vinyasa classes are firmly set in the traditions of my teacher, Sri Dharma, while incorporating the wonderful discoveries my fellow teachers and students inspire me everyday. The classes are invigorating and challenging for all levels of practice with their focus on breathing through movement, body alignment, and mental purification. My goal is to always provide my students – including you, hopefully – a refreshing way to incorporate the centuries old traditions of yoga into their modern lives.
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